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Accomplished Company Focused on Mining


Founded in 2000 by Robin Fraser, Canadian Northern Mining Corp. and Canadian Northern Minera Mexico have completed many Mining construction, operation & maintenance projects worldwide. From concept to completion, we cover all core stages of the mining lifecycle. We have provided expert personnel to go into existing operations and develop detailed evaluations and optimization plans. We have then provided project management, engineering and manpower to implement these plans, resulting in huge increases in production.


We have been brought into projects in the early design stage and provided management and metallurgical personnel to help the client through to construction. We have then furnished construction equipment and personnel to help get the project to startup. On several occasions, we have been given the opportunity to provide plant management, operations, maintenance and laboratory services. Many of these are still in effect today, as the clients have found that the overall cost of contracting us is cheaper than they could do it in-house.


We view our foundation of experience as extremely valuable. We are confident that we can compete against the leading mining companies in today's market.

Our aim is to match the correct equipment and people to the scope of the project. In turn this provides the most competitive price and delivers our projects on schedule and on budget.

We currently operate in North, Central and South America, but have operated in Asia, Eastern Europe and Oceania in the past and could re-mobilize if required.


Each project is seen to have its unique set of challenges and conditions to overcome. We have performed work in many varying conditions such as adverse climates, unfavorable terrain and difficult International jurisdictions, commonly with uncompromising deadlines and complex designs.


We utilize up-to-date technology, and stay abreast of new methods, materials and equipment. This benefits the client by providing; increased quality, reduced construction time, reduced costs and increased productivity.


Our Management & Employees bring years of experience to the table. We work under various mine safety regulations on a daily basis and all of our staff adhere to rigorous safety standards.

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